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Bethell Construction

Whalley New Road, Blackburn

Whalley New Road Culvert carries Little Harwood Brook and runs parallel to the A666. The existing 2.0m wide culvert roof was assessed as substandard and required replacement with a new 200mm deep reinforeced concrete slab supported on the existing abutments using GRP pemanent formwork to form the soffit.

The total length of the culvert replaced was 480m, 420m on the eatsern footway and 60m on the western footway.

The work was carried out in phases to limit the disruption to residences and local businesses and traffic on the A666 was controlled under temporary signals throughout the contract. 

Pedestrian access to all properties was maintained by using temporary timber pedestrian bridges across the exposed culvert. Further temporary works were required to support the many services within the footways.

Highways, footpaths and boundary walls were all reinstated to their original form following completion of the main structural works.

Whalley New Road, Blackburn

Client:Blackburn and Darwen BC



Duration:36 Weeks