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  • Dan Bank Slope Stabilisation

    The A626 Stockport to Marple Road was slowly sliding down the embankment towards the watercourse known as Marple Brook.

    Client: Stockport MBC
    Value: £2.5m on 4 phased projects
    Location: A626 Stockport Road, Marple, Cheshire
    Duration: 36 Weeks

    The immediate Dan Bank area is designated a site of Special of Biological Interest and Ancient Woodland found on the steep slopes either side of the carraigeway. The work was undertaken in three phases.

    During phase one, counterfort land drains were installed on the 1.2km long slope and Marple Brook was cleaned of debris and scour protection measures were installed. The second phase included construction of a 350m long contiguously piled reinforced concrete retaining wall and capping beam. To avoid road disruption, the vast majority of work was undertaken during night time closures of the A626. New road drainage, storm water interceptors and steel rope vehicle restraint system were installed and fitted.

    The final phase involved slope stabilisation work to the upper slope above the A626. This part of the scheme involved the installation of geo-textile mesh reatined by 15 metre long soil nails This allowed the excavation of the existing embankment to enable the extra width necessary to contruct a new stone retaining wall. Concurrent with the wall construction, the existing asphalt road and kerb line was replaced in its entirerity over a 1.0km length. Once again all the works were carried out at night throughout the evenings between the hours of 7pm and 6am to eliminate any traffic chaos.

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