Reynolds Place, Walkden

Reynolds Place is an attractive collection of 3 & 4 bedroom semi-detached and detached homes based in the heart of Salford.

Client: Countryside Properties
Location: Holyoake Road, Walkden
Value: £315k

Works consisted of significant off-site Electric works namely double HV cable on site, and off site through carriageway. A new substation was also installed in order to accommodate and support the infrastructure.

Due to the sensitivity of the development Bethell liaised very closely with Countryside Properties, the local council and the local residents to ensure the substantial Off-site works were constructed without causing unnecessary disruption and delay.

Through close communication with site staff and regular monthly meetings we managed to complete this particular development within 12 months of commencement in January 2017.

Bethell installed gas smart meters and water meters to all 129 new dwellings.

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