Start Up to Waste Programme

The United Utilities’ Start Up To Waste project (SUTW) involved installing run-off pipework within operational clean water treatment works to provide a facility to divert standing water to storm sewers or cleanwater outfalls when pumps are initially switched on following stoppages for maintenance works.

Client: United Utilities/ LiMA JV
Location: Seven individual locations across UU Network
Value: £1.40m

An extremely fast-track scheme executed over a four-month period to ensure that United Utilities met there ODI targets with OfWAT. Bethell were responsible for all civil works which included cutting into cleanwater mains, installing valves and SUTW pipework varying in diameter form 200mm to 900mm, both large diameter ductile iron and smaller diameter butt-fusion polyethylene pipe work. Other civils works included construction of valve chambers, outfall chambers and associated drainage, kiosk bases, thrust blocks, tanker loading points and full reinstatement of all disturbed surfaces.

The challenge was huge, start and complete seven schemes within 13 weeks whilst final design was still ongoing. Each individual project had an incredibly short mobilisation period to organise our combined workforce to deliver the project by the OfWAT Compliance deadline of 31st March 2017. In addition to meeting the important end date, there were several key milestones that had to be achieved as LiMA and UU operational staff had organised Planned Operational Plant Shutdowns (POPS) months in advance to ensure that suitable alternative arrangements could be made to guarantee a safe alternative supply of safe drinking water for UU’s customers. Many of these milestones involved working overnight to strict timeframes so that service levels were resumed in the morning with normal water pressures.  Prior to final connection and commissioning of installed pipe lengths, pressure testing of each length was undertaken by our in-house team, with electronic results forwarded to LiMA / UU in accordance with our QMS procedures.

The works were carried out at seven separate UU operational worksites within cleanwater treatment works located at Adlington, Denton, Piethorne, Lamaload, Clay Lane, Cloughbottom and Haslingden Grane.

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